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Current page created especially for You. Here everybody who is interested in Ukraine may find things he \ she is looking for.
Our company Travel Advisor created for people know what exactly they want or maybe not really… Any way our team as a locals maybe not speak Your language, not really understand right for the beginning what You may wish but under certain request… All, starting from obtaining visa ends current work position or choosing a local university… All goes after You!

We are quite weird from nation from one side where peace and war may live back to back...

It is CLEAR TRUE! Yes we also have a Chernobyl as well as every year stable growing IT sphere. We have a lovely nature combing with a people who don’t really care about it. We have smart a calm beautiful, hard working people who easily may live for in around 100 EUR per month (for sure an official statistics), meanwhile having such natural recourses as shale gas, diamonds, gold, oil, anthracite coal and large amber deposits of. For sure … You may heard about passion, wild, unpredictable Ukrainian women beauty who may suck Your soul same way as Your money… O YEAH…
They can… And they are successfully to use it. And tell me the reason they should not?)

Many of You may heard about Ukraine not from the “crimple” side

Will admit – we are not “better going” Switzerland, Canada, US and rest of civil world.
But believe me, the person who pasted by a distance from Helsinki to Lisbon, from Calles to Athens, will say with a 1000 % of guarantee, UKRAINE - COMBINATION of all the European continent from Black Sea to the Carpathian mountains. We have more then 100 nation who lives as peaceful as French and English speaking people lives in Canada.

Other words, everywhere is the same but place named Ukraine is really special

Will not be list all the items and moments because it will demand a separate section in Wikipedia which basically has. All You need to do before to come to Ukraine or having such idea visit Kyiv, Lvov, Dnepr, Odessa, Uzhgorod or Kharkov, is to send a request on mail, Skype, Viber or call using contacts below.
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